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Taking Kitchen Tile Past the Floor and Walls

Kitchen tile isn’t just for the floor of your home; it can find its way to many other areas, also. The beauty of tile can be used to add interest and character to other areas of your dining room and kitchen. Here are just a few of the areas where kitchen tile can be the perfect choice.

Trivets and Cutting Boards

A beautiful piece of granite can make a marvelous cutting board. Marble is naturally heat resistant, making it the perfect choice for an attractive trivet for the table. Attach self-adhesive plastic feet to the bottom of the tile and you will have an accessory that is durable, attractive and a little different.


Install beautiful marble tiles on the counter to achieve a stunning countertop that will delight you for years to come. A more affordable option than a slab of marble, you can even recess beautiful marble tiles amid ceramic or slate for a powerful statement that will add sophistication and luxury to the kitchen.

When you are looking at kitchen tiles, consider uses that go beyond the floor or backsplash. Add beauty and style with tile trivets, cutting boards and countertop accents.

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