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Decorative Kitchen Storage

Kitchen CanistersKitchen storage doesn’t have to be hidden away behind cabinet doors. You can easily add some storage to the countertops while also creating visual interest. Here are some ideas for spicing up your cooking space with decorative kitchen storage.


Canister sets are ideal for storing sugar, flour and even tea bags. If you will be leaving beautiful, decorative canisters on display, try to fill them with items you use on a regular basis. They are ideal for white or brown sugar, as well as packets of calorie-free sweetener. Fill one with candies or mints, or use it to keep ground coffee fresh.

Fruit Bowl

A beautiful bowl can be the centerpiece of a kitchen island or bar. Fill it with fresh fruit and it also becomes functional storage. You don’t have to limit yourself to bowls, either. You can also use baskets, tiled boxes or elegant platters.

Clever kitchen storage solutions will create additional storage space while also making the kitchen more appealing. Use canisters for items that are used on a regular basis and add interest to bland areas with a fruit bowl or platter. In addition to creating additional storage, you will also be adding a fantastic splash of color and style.

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