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Kitchen Safety Tips for Children

Childproof CabinetsEven the most observant and careful parents can struggle to keep an eye on children in the kitchen. If you are busy cooking or preparing food or even just talking on the phone, children can quickly get into dangerous items. Here are some tips that parents can follow on kitchen safety in order to keep the home a safe and pleasant place for children to play.

Locked Cabinets

Perhaps the most helpful thing a parent can do is to lock or childproof the lower kitchen cabinets in the room. Without locks, children can quickly get into these cabinets and hurt themselves in various ways. Parents might want to keep one drawer open that only holds plastic items so children can play with them while you are busy at work in the kitchen.

No Hanging Items

Although it might be efficient for chefs to hang knives on magnetic strips or keep decorative pots on hooks, it is generally agreed to be an unsafe practice for families with children. Instead, store these items in locked drawers or tall cabinet shelves where children cannot reach.

By locking cabinets and not hanging unsafe items, you can ensure that your kitchen is safer for children.

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