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A Kitchen for the True Entertainer

dinner partyThere are many people who take entertaining to another level.  Hosting larger parties and events can often mean 75 or more guests in your home at one time.  The normal kitchen might not always provide enough room or equipment to adequately accommodate this many people.  Many homeowners are turning to satellite kitchens within their homes.  These remodeling projects offer extra kitchen space in another part of the home.

What is a Satellite Kitchen?

Satellite kitchens are becoming more and more popular as people turn to entertaining more at home as opposed to going out.  The spaces are usually placed in an upper or lower area of the home.  Most satellite kitchens include at least an island , sink,  refrigerator , and microwave .

This area provides conveniently located additional space to store needed items when entertaining a large number of guests.  You can use complimenting material and designs to your main kitchen or choose a completely different design for something truly unique.  Remodeling part of your home for a satellite kitchen can provide the host or hostess the perfect extra space for entertaining.


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