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Kitchen Remodeling with a Heart – Donate To Your Local Charities

You are about to begin the long awaited kitchen remodeling project.  All the appliances, paint colors, and window treatments have been chosen.  The next step is to start the demolition phase of your existing kitchen.  Before you let your contractor come in and tear everything out, think about what you might have that can be donated to help others in need.

Donating to others is one of the kindest acts of one human to another.  Maybe it’s a hug or a helping hand, but it can also be a stove or the kitchen cabinets you are discarding.  If you don’t know someone personally in need of items you will be removing from your kitchen, there are many organizations local to your community that will deeply appreciate your donation.

Organizations that build houses for the underprivileged often rely on the donations of others not only for labor but materials as well.  As you open up your kitchen to being remodeled, open up your heart as well and donate your used items to a person in need or a local charity organization.


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