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Kitchen Remodeling 101

Remodeling your kitchen with new counters and cabinetsWithout question, the kitchen is one of the most remodeled rooms of the house. Studies have shown it is one of the rooms that, if remodeled, will provide the largest return on investment (ROI) to the homeowner. Here are a couple of tried and true options for kitchen remodeling that will provide the biggest increase in value to the kitchen itself as well as the home overall.

Counter Tops

This is an area that has really taken off over the last decade. When previous options consisted of Formica or tile, today’s cabinets consist of a variety of natural stone, cement, recycled glass and numerous other materials. New countertops provide a fresh new look to the kitchen that translates into increased value.


Another way to greatly increase the value of one’s kitchen is by installing new cabinets. This is typically one of the more expensive options, however; it also carries one of the largest ROIs for the homeowner. You will find many ways to update your kitchen cabinets to fit your budget by exploring all of your options.

The beauty of each of these options is that they can be, and most likely should be done simultaneously. Nothing will make a kitchen pop aesthetically like the look of new cabinets and countertops.


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