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Smart Ideas for Improved Kitchen Organization

Lazy Susan CabinetKitchen organization doesn’t have to require gutting the room and getting new cabinets. You can get more organized by adding some smart accessories to your home. Here are a few items you can bring into your kitchen to increase storage and organization.


Ideal for exposed areas, baskets can contain items and make wiping off the counters easier. They aren’t just great for countertops; they’re also the perfect choice for organizing that difficult space on top of the refrigerator.

In-Cabinet Accessories

Stores are currently filled with items that will help you organize the area inside your cabinets. Add sliding drawers to lower cabinets to make it easier to retrieve items. Lazy Susans make it easy to organize small items and canned goods. Drawer dividers can bring order to the most cluttered junk drawer.

When you’re ready to make the kitchen more organized you don’t have to start looking at new cabinets. Accessories that are compatible with your existing cabinets and will ensure that you will have a place for everything. Baskets are an attractive option for exposed areas like countertops, allowing you to add organization and style.


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