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Illuminate Kitchen Countertops with the Right Lighting

Kitchen Countertop Lighting Illuminate your kitchen countertops with clever hidden lights. The task lighting will be welcomed when you are cooking, and you will be able to create a nice change in the mood when you need to. With so many options, you can easily add the lights yourself.

Hanging Cord

If you aren’t bothered by having a little bit of cord showing, then you easily mount an under-cabinet light using one of your outlets. Tack the excess cord under the cabinet for a sleek look.

Battery Operated

You can simplify your life further by choosing battery-operated lights. Simply put them in place and turn them on when needed. Look for LED options to extend the battery life. One of the nice benefits of these lights is that you won’t have to surrender an outlet.


Lights that are hardwired to your home are the most attractive. There are no batteries to change, and you won’t have to worry about lowing use of an outlet. Installation can be tricky since you will need to fish a wire down through the wall or hire a professional.


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