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Two Reasons Kitchen Islands Are So Popular

kitchen islands add storage and work space to your kitchenAlthough they have been around in some form or another for decades, the trend of having a kitchen island remains on of the most popular requests in home building and remodeling today. Here are a couple things that help these kitchen islands remain as popular as they are.

Increased Storage

Most kitchen islands sit atop a set of cabinets, and additional cabinet space is always a good thing. With the increased number of appliances, dishes and utensils people tend to amass over time; having the additional space to store it all prevents the kitchen from appearing cluttered and small.

More Counter Space

No matter how you look at it, whether the island holds a sink, stove top or simply a countertop, just as more cupboard space is a good thing, so is more counter top space.

Many times these islands have a bar feature that allows people to sit down while others may be working in the kitchen. This feature is great as it is welcoming, and while people may not have previously congregated in the kitchen, there is now more opportunity to do so.

Providing increased space, and working to draw people together are just two of the benefits a kitchen island will provide. These two reasons are also a driving force behind why these islands are so popular.


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