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Increase Your Kitchen Space with a Double L Design

countertop-topThe L shaped kitchen is the most popular design format.  Perhaps this is the design you most want to incorporate into your kitchen remodel, but it still will not be enough room if there are two chiefs, I mean chefs, in the kitchen.  Consider the option of going with a double L design to ensure there is enough space for you both.

Double L Kitchen Design Doubles Your Work Space

The regular L shaped kitchen contains a long counter top space border by a projecting shorter one.  The double L format places a second and, usually smaller, L shape inside the larger one.  This dramatically increases countertop and cabinet space.

Add an Extra Sink, Stove or Cooktop

This is a great layout if you need a second sink or an additional stove or cooktop .  The additional countertop space will provide plenty of room for all the cooks to work.  Take advantage of the added benefits of having a double L shaped kitchen by incorporating the style in your kitchen remodeling project.


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