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Guidelines For A Clean Kitchen

Keep your kitchen countertops stain free.Be Organized

Having a place to keep everything in your kitchen is an important step to the overall kitchen cleaning process. Be sure to clean frequently and in small steps. Remember to put everything back in its proper place when finished using it, and be sure to clear off places that are prone to collecting things that don’t belong there.

Do the Dishes Often

Aim for having all the dishes done every day before you go to sleep. Most new dishwashers come with a timer, so loading it after dinner setting it to run while everyone is asleep is an efficient way to have the sinks empty at the end of the day while not using water pressure when other people may need it.


Most people do not clean their kitchen floors as often as they should. Kitchens are often heavily trafficked areas that draw a lot of dirt, and should ideally be vacuumed daily.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is another effective method of loosening grime and killing bacteria. Steam cleaners most often resemble a vacuum cleaner and make for easy floor cleaning. However, some are designed to reach high places and clean countertops as well. These can make for an easy, all-in-one device to suit multiple purposes.


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