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Ovens – Stand Alone or Wall Oven

Kitchen remodeling is an exciting event and involves making many choices. One such choice is whether you want a stand-alone oven or a wall oven- cook top combo.

Depending on your over all kitchen design, you can decide for yourself from a wide selection of stoves which type will best fit your needs. Your budget will also be a determining factor in your choice.

A wall oven can consist of double ovens for additional flexibility and convenience. Your cooktop can then be electric or gas, depending on your preference. This is the ultimate style for most kitchens today. The cost is more than a traditional stand-alone oven, but the convenience makes this choice worthwhile.

A stand-alone oven is less expensive than installing a wall oven and a cooktop, and you will find many great options available for your kitchen.  You can even choose a gas top stove with an electric oven if you want.

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