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Garbage Disposal Safely Reduce Landfill Waste

Garbage disposals are electronic units mounted under a sink used to shred food waste. They are installed between the sink drain and the trap, so food scraps are shred before they reach the trap. The unit shreds food into pieces less than 2 mm in diameter so they can safely go through the plumbing.


Using a disposal offers convenience when doing dishes. Leftover food can be easily scraped right into the sink. Using running water makes cleaning dishes easier than scraping a dish over the trash can. It also eliminates smelly trash that can attract flies and other bugs.

Helps The Environment

Food accounts for up to 20% of all waste. It causes health and environmental problems due to the smell and risk of pests. When dumped in a landfill, food waste generates methane gas as it decomposes. Methane gas is dangerous to the environment.

Garbage disposals help the environment by reducing methane gas. By shredding food into very small pieces, they can safely pass through a waste water treatment plant. They also provide convenience when doing dishes and help reduce smelly trash that can attract bugs and wild animals.

If you’re planning to remodel or update your kitchen, maybe it’s time for a new and improved garbage disposal that will provide more convenience in your kitchen.


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